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Belgian Royal Decree of 31 July 2017 modifies maximum dimensions for aerodynamic and 45 ft. container lorries

August 11, 2017

The Belgian Government is about to permit longer and more aerodynamic lorries on its national roads. With a new Royal Decree, Belgium wants to encourage the use of aerodynamic improvements, but also simplify road transport of 45 ft. containers


The upcoming Royal Decree is in fact a mere implementation of the EU directive 2015/719.


This Directive provides for derogations from the maximum authorised weights and dimensions of vehicles and vehicle combinations laid down in Directive 96/53/EC. However, Member States have the ability to restrict, for reasons related to road safety or infrastructure characteristics, the circulation of certain vehicles in specific parts of their road network.


In the area of containerisation, 45-foot containersare increasingly being used. Such containers are transported by all modes of transport. However, the road components of intermodal transport operations could only be undertaken if both the Member States and the transporters follow cumbersome administrative procedures, or if those containers have patented chamfered corners, the cost of which is prohibitive.


Increasing the authorised length of the vehicles transporting such containers by 15 cm eliminates those administrative procedures for transporters and facilitates intermodal transport operations, without risk or prejudice to the road infrastructure or other road users.


The Royal Decree will enter into force on 20 August 2017.



Source: eur-lex.europa.eu


Entire text of the Royal Decree: link

Entire text of the EU Directive: link


If you want more information / advice on the Royal Decree of 31 July 2017, please contact info@kegels-co.be.


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