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Violeta Bulc accepts adaption of Belgian Port Labour Law ("Wet Major")

December 20, 2016

EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc accepts the adaptions to the Belgian Port Labour Law ("Wet Major") as proposed by Belgian Minister Peeters.


Earlier this year, the minister already came to an agreement on the modernisation of Belgian port labor with ca. 85% of the dockworkers.


It is anticipated that the EU Commissioner will require soon the EC to annul the notice of default, sent by the EC in 2014, which obligated the state of Belgium to update its legal framework on port labor. 


In 2014, Spain was condemned by the European Court of Justice to adapt its legal framework on port labor, which was very similar to Belgian law. This year in April, the Commission has decided to refer Spain to Court for a second time for failing to comply with this previous judgement. 


Such a scenario does not longer seem to be likely in the Belgian case.


for the entire text of the 2014 case, please follow this link



If you want more information / advice on Belgian Port Labour Law, please contact info@kegels-co.be.





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