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André Kegels speaks on IBA Hamburg conference about the legal framework for autonomous sailing

Bijgewerkt op: 29 apr 2020

During the IBA conference “Digital Operations – Manufacturing, Supply Chains and Transportation in a Digital Environment” in Hamburg, André Kegels bespoke a project of autonomous sailing on the interior waterways in Belgium.

He explained how with the present levels of automation vessels sail from departure to destination over the interior waterways whilst executing all dynamic navigation tasks including collision avoidance. This without crew on board. He also elaborated on the contractual and legal context. In the latter respect, legislative ingenuity results in innovators now being able to proceed in a real life environment with autonomous interior barges in leaden condition.

Interestingly this presentation and its contents were given a few days before the project became reality in Belgium resulting in headline TV news.

You can download the power point presentation (pdf) here.

If you want more information on the legal framework for autonomous sailing on Belgian interior waterways, please contact info@kegels-co.be