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The (city of) Antwerp arrest judge becomes the place to be for seizure cases within Antwerp district

Bijgewerkt op: 29 apr 2020

With the ‘case distribution regulations’ of the Court of First Instance of the County of Antwerp, the involved Departments want to ensure better service, greater efficiency and higher quality in the handling of seizure cases.

This objective is currently being achieved by withdrawing all seizure cases, with the exception of the reconciliation attempts within the framework of the mortgage loan in accordance with art. 147/24 Belgian ‘W.E.R.’, from the Departments of Mechelen and Turnhout, and by centralising them at the Court of First Instance, Department Antwerp.

In practice, this entails the following changes as of 1 July 2019:

- The filing of petitions is still allowed at the clerks in Mechelen and Turnhout, although it would be better to make a habit of filing them at the Department of Antwerp as well,

- Summons, on the other hand, can only be filed with the Antwerp Department.

For cases that have already been brought before the Mechelen and Turnhout Departments, they remain untouched and will therefore be dealt with there.

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