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The Flemish Government transposes the European Directive 2016/1629 establishing the technical requir

With Directive 2016/1629, the European Union wants to achieve a harmonised level of safety on all inland waterways in the Union. To achieve this, the Directive then provides for common technical requirements for inland waterway vessels.

Since technical standards for inland navigation are a competence that belongs to the regional authorities, the aforementioned directive (which provided for mandatory transposition by 7 October 2018 at the latest) was transposed by the Flemish Government into the 'Decree establishing the technical regulations for inland vessels of 5 October 2018'. This decree was subsequently published on Wednesday 12 December 2018.

The scope of this directive extends to:

1° vessels with a length (L) of 20 metres or more;

2° vessels with a volume of 100 m3 or more. This volume is calculated according to the following formula: length (L) x width (B) x draught (T).

3° tugs and pusher craft intended to tow, push or carry coupled alongside vessels or floating equipment;

4° passenger ships;

5° floating equipment.

In accordance with the transposed Directive, this Decision lays down detailed and specific technical requirements for the vessels concerned. If, after a technical inspection by the Committee of Experts, it appears that the relevant technical regulations are fully complied with, a so-called 'Union inland navigation certificate' will be issued in accordance with the directive and in accordance with Article 6 et seq. of the Flemish Decree, which will be valid on all inland waterways of the Union.

When the Committee of Experts collects relevant technical information, recital 16 of the Directive, as well as Article 20 et seq. of the Flemish Decree, requires the Commission to enter certain information specifically for each vessel inspected in the EHDB (the European Hull Data Base). In this way, the processing of certificate applications can be checked at European level, as well as the information about all valid certificates already issued to a vessel can be collected.

With these measures and regulations, the European Union aims to maintain a high level of safety in inland navigation in the European Union.​

If you want more information on the Decree of 5 October 2018, published on 12 December 18 , please contact info@kegels-co.be