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Procedure to recover undisputed monetary debts; now also to be used against certain foreign debtors.

Since the law of 19 October 2015 and the Royal Decree of 16 June 2016, it has been possible in Belgium, without intervention of the court, to recover undisputed monetary debts via a Bailiff.

Until recently, this procedure could only be consulted if your debtor in question was a company registered in the so-called KBO-register (the Belgian ‘Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen’). This meant that the simplified procedure was only applicab le to a company that had at least one Belgian office.

This limited scope of the procedure has now been further extended by a new Royal Decree of the 17th of August 2018.

This Royal Decree provides that the Belgian KBO-register has been brought into line with seven other enterprise databases of our neighbouring countries: the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain and Austria.

Declaring the relevant company databases equivalent means that the simplified collection procedure with the judicial officer is now also open to debtors who have a company number in one of these databases. It concerns;

  • 1. The Netherlands: “het Handelsregister”

  • 2. France: “le Registre du commerce et des sociétés”

  • 3. Germany : « das Handelsregister »

  • 4. Luxembourg : « le Registre de commerce et des sociétés »

  • 5. Italy : « il Registro delle Imprese »

  • 6. Spain : « el Registro Mercantil »

  • 7. Austria : « das Firmenbuch »

Source: ejustice.just.fgov.be

If you want more information on the the Royal Decree of 17 August 2018, please contact info@kegels-co.be