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Flanders will be watching the inland waterway vessels

According to the Flemish Decree d.d. 17.11.2017, all of the inland waterway vessels, regardless of the use of the vessels (transportation of cargo or passengers), are required to have an AIS-device on board. To be in compliance with this regulation, all the inland vessels will need to foresee such a device, while attending the Flemish waterways, as from the 8th of January 2018. The statement of installation and functioning of the Inland

AIS-device needs to be preserved on board.

These rules have the purpose to identify and localize all of the vessels active on the Flemish waterways, to make a smooth and above all safe maritime transport possible. For this reason, the device has to be permanently active, of which the presented data are required to be fully in accordance to the real data of the ship at that moment.

The vessels will be tracked an traced by the device and will be sending the following data; the users identification, the name of the ship, the ship’s type, the IMO number, LOA, BOA, the position, speed, course, time of the electronic position provision the navigation status and the reference point for the position information on the ship.