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EU Electronic "Customs Decisions System" per "EU Trader Portal" applicable in Be

As of 2 October 2017, the transitional arrangements for applying for customs decisions has ended and economic operators have to introduce certain new applications for customs decisions or authorisations electronically and according to the new UCC requirements. In Belgium, the electronic Customs Decision Systems can only be used to request certain transboundary authorisations. For requesting other transboundary authorisations or Belgian inland authorisations, Economic Operators are still obliged to use the existing (paper) forms.

Economic operators wishing to submit applications for certain specific authorisations, now have to connect to the EU Trader Portal, a single electronic access point deployed at EU level for accessing the Customs Decisions System. The EU Trader Portal will use the authentication solutions covered under the project Uniform User Management & Digital Signature (UUM&DS).

Economic operators need to possess an EORI number and the appropriate roles assigned to access the system (customs decisions consultative profile, administrative profile, executive profile).

Member States may in addition offer a national portal, which will be done by the Belgian Authorities. In a message dated 27 October 2017 the Belgian Administration announced that the new platform will only be used for applications for certain transboundary authorisiations.

This means that all Belgian inland authorisations and all transboundary applications not governed by the CDS still have to be applied for per existing national (paper) forms. The administration however announced that it is working on a national platform ("KIS-SIC") in order to digitalise these applications too (for instance AEO-applications, BOI applications, EORI applications,..).

The entery into force of this new Belgian platform is scheduled for mid 2018.

Sources: ec.europa.eu and financien.belgium.be/nl/douane_accijnzen

If you want more information / advice on the EU Trader Portal and/or the upcoming Belgian KIS-SIC portal, please contact info@kegels-co.be.