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Belgian Civil Code adapted by "Potpourri I" act

Since November 1st, 2015, the Belgian Civil Procedural Code has been adapted at some crucial points.

The Belgian "Potpourri I Act" was passed on October 19th 2015. It is the first of several reforms to procedural law by the Federal Public Service for Justice under the direction of Koen Geens.

Potpourri I brings a variety of changes to civil procedure in Belgium, including to:

  • the rules on debt collection;

  • the scope of res iudicata (ie, matters already decided); and

  • the constitution of appellate courts.

All the measures aim to improve the efficacy of civil proceedings and reduce costs and court backlogs. Most entered into force on November 1 2015 and apply to proceedings filed after that date.

In order to read the entire text of the Act, you can click on this link.

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