In case of maritime or transport related incidents, correct fact-finding is of the utmost importance. All too often a case is lost because facts were assessed in a manner not fit for the intended proceedings.  Often this is due to facts being incorrectly assessed by foreign surveyors who are not familiar with the rules to be respected.


If facts are in dispute, it is essential to consider a survey under control of the court: a court- appointed surveyor.


The specialization of the surveyor appointed by the court will be determined by the qualifications required to assess the facts.


In maritime and transport related incidents the court often appoints members of the Nautical Commission.


Do you wish to know more about the Nautical Commission? Read here.


This department provides advice and assistance, and executes procedures for corporations in the following areas:


  • Appointing a (court-appointed) surveyor (often Nautical Commission)

  • Following  up and assisting the client during (court) survey

Since requests for the appointment of a nautical judicial survey are almost always accompanied by urgency, we are always available after office hours via our urgency number :

+ 32 3 259 20 69